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The luxurious Genesis brand offers three midsized luxury sedans and is working on several concept vehicles, including a crossover. All of the currently available vehicles - the G70, G80, and G90 four-doors - are available with Hyundai's exclusive HTRAC system, which was developed as a multi-mode all-wheel-drive system that provides an electronic, variable-torque-split clutch with active torque control between the front and rear axles. This technology provides more road grip during challenging driving conditions and features selectable drive modes for fine-tuning the automobile's response to different driving situations .



The History of HTRAC

The HTRAC system was developed by Hyundai to be not just efficient and state-of-the-art but also lightweight (and therefore better for fuel economy) all-wheel drive technology. The name comes from the combination of the H from Hyundai and Trac from traction. Hyundai's mission when the company set out with the development of HTRAC was to blend the capabilities of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive for dynamic driving with extra road grip. It has been tested on various racetracks and in some of the harshest weather conditions across Europe, including frozen lakes. Through all of this, it has proven itself to be one of the most advanced AWD systems of any car on the market.

What makes HTRAC so effective is that it allows drivers to take advantage of traditional AWD features when weather conditions demand traction and stability, while also delivering the exhilarating performance associated with RWD whenever the driver wishes. HTRAC works by electronically controlling the way torque is split between the front and rear axles, allowing for exceptional grip and stability across slippery road surfaces or around tight corners. High-tech sensors in each wheel, which can assess dynamic driving conditions such as intended or unintended accelerations, speed, and road conditions, constantly respond to inputs by adjusting the amount of power to each axle to maintain the best possible traction.

HTRAC Drive Modes

Genesis drivers will also enjoy how the HTRAC system lets them have some input to make driving safer, more fuel-efficient, or more exhilarating. While the intelligent AWD system makes continuous intricate adjustments to meet conditions, the selectable driving modes let the driver adjust the car's response to their situational driving preferences. For example, Snow mode holds back the throttle output and takes power from slipping wheels and transfers it to the wheels where it senses better road contact, while the Sport mode produces a more agile feel by stiffening the suspension and making the steering firmer. In this invigorating mode it can send approximately 90% of the vehicle's power to the rear wheels, translating to an overall more exciting driving experience that mimics the feel of a rear-drive sports car.

While all three 2019 Genesis models are already fully loaded with advanced technology, the impressive HTRAC system truly adds to the appeal. HTRAC is especially beneficial for those who live in cold climates that regularly get snow and ice.

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